Monday, November 7, 2011

Misconceptions about vappic 4d CAPTCHAs

It's hard to get attention if you write a blog. Sometimes a gimmick like "ranting" or trying to invoke some kind of "act now" response can help. Let me try to answer the alarmists out there since replying on their blogs just feeds their traffic and they can filter whatever messages they want.

First, this is a personal research project, not a company or a startup. If you're someone who works at Stanford or other educational institution, you should get what this means: "let's gather some data and learn some stuff". Sure, if you're against experiments to learn about ideas than rant away, it is the internet after all.

Second, the fact that this test looks at usability as part of the research should speak clearly how important it is. Many CAPTCHAs today have not undergone *any* usability tests. The survey even looks for people who may have some unique physical trait where these captchas don't work for them (it's one of the handful of questions asked).

I'm traveling with spotty internet connectivity, so my friend David have been helping me reply to people emailing in questions and opinions. However, we don't have hard data yet (thus the experiment) so we can't say too much.

If you have an opinion you want recorded as part of my research, please input it here:

To find out more, just read the homepage:

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